Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There aren't words

For how busy I am.
3 projects, a test, a quiz, two assignments, and a paper before the end of December.
Thanksgiving will not be a holiday but a whirlwind of visiting and then back to some serious catch up work. I really can't afford anything else in terms of time.
I hate it, but it's the way it is.

Aside from all of that--Amelia still have TGTD and I'm antsy for it, but happy that i haven't gotten it back yet because i'd drop everything and focus on it!

Tired, been working out, headaches haven't really stopped. Could be the lack of caffeine though, i'm quitting!

Next semester is set in stone, the books will be about 350, I'll be able to cover it!!!!
But if you want to get me something for christmas or my birthday: Check it! that's my text book list ;p

(also my general list here just in case ;p--and you would think i didn't have a backpack...well, actually, i don't have one that will hold my 17 in laptop :( )

Cultural Geography
Quantitative Methods of Political Science
Economic Geology
International Political Economy
Conflict and Terrorism

that is SO HOT you have no idea.

after this semester, I will have ONE left on my undergrad!
Which means next semester I will also be looking for dun dun dun GRAD SCHOOL.

Honestly, if the next two semesters go like I hope and think they will--I'll want to stay at SHSU for grad (weak i know! but here's why)--If I have the independent study and have substantial findings there, then I'll have something I can really work with in grad and put together a thesis that I can totally be proud of.
I could probably do that at whatever school (likely UT, though of course Yawn --the poli sci adviser-- pushes the Bush school--not to be confused with the Busch school...but their program stops at undergrad ;p)
but at SHSU--there is Dr. C., who is...AMAZING and incredibly helpful and within my happy little comfort zone that makes me a productive little bee.

We'll see. It's not likely, but we'll see.

Now I must go back to work. reading reading reading reading...I wonder if I'll ever sleep again.

PS--My mom has a MYSPACE!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just a click a day

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