Sunday, October 19, 2008

Repeat, repeat

This past week was fantastic. Truly. Not but two moments did I find myself feeling irritated or gritting my teeth.
Can we have a repeat?
I hope.
I have three papers due very close together. First is Power Transition vs Balance of Power for Dr. Callaway. The last paper (I briefly discussed it here) was a smashing success, now again I hope to repeat the success. I think I will. Or, rather, I hope I will.
When it comes to power parity vs power hierarchy, I find myself pretty decisive and realized I briefly hit on it in the first paper! Good sign, right? Hope.
That is due Thursday.

Next is Dr Biles's analytical paper worth the majority of my grade and over a topic I really can't bring myself to care about. However, he went over exactly what he's looking for and I think I can construct something worth a decent grade.
The last paper we did was worth 30%. I got a 95/100.
Yeah, let's repeat.
Due the 28th

Third is the one that gives me most pause as it will require a crazy amount of work.
Dr Baldwin--chair of the Geology department, intimidating and hysterical brash crazy English man.
However, a scientific paper over climate change and it's effect on sea-level under 3000 words is...yikes.
However, it is structured much like the first paper we had in Biles's class. So I am feeling a little more confident. If I can find someone familiar with the Chicago format then I will feel even better
Due Nov 4th.

Busy? Yes.

But it'll be okay, I just need to work and keep at it.