Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Hair and Tests tests tests


New hair on a whim. I'm digging it.

What I'm not digging is the four tests I've had since Thursday.
Quan Methods
Econ Geology
Cultural Geography
International Political Economy.

The last two i had today. The first two on Thursday. My geology test is back--94. WOOO
On a cooper test that's saying something. So I'm happy about that.

Dr. M said not to expect my Quan Methods (aka Stats) test results until Monday.
The last two I'll probably have back Thursday as well as a paper grade and another test grade for Conflict and Terror.

In the mean time I have five chapters and a whole book to read by thursday. So I'm going to be busy!!

PS I like good news and this past week has held a lot of it :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Mom...

Has a blog.
so now i get to do this:

HI MOM!!!! *waves frantically at imaginary TV camera*


My goodness. The past week and a half have had some good news! So right now, things are looking up.

This week I have two tests--down from three--on Thursday. Economic geology and Quan Methods. So, i'll be studying from now until then.

OH! Nathan got promoted. Yeah he got a couple of job offers but neither of them added up to the management position Allied Lube offered him. He's now a manager of his very own Jiffy Lube. Yeah, doubles the income. So WOOOOO!

Meanwhile, I've noticed that my past two journal titles have been 'been a while'
so um.... i should probably uh...update more often.

Ps if you don't know about lolCats you should seriously look into this website. It's been around for a while but NEVER gets old.

pps...i had an account here when i first got on the internet and this weekend Nathan and I were talking about old games we used to play. Um...i started a new account on Neopets Yeah, I did.
You know why? It's cheesy, but it's wholesome fun and gives me a funny little place to relax when I am not working, in class, studying, or other various activities that are much more productive.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Been a while

Because I've been rather all consumed.

In short-- my mom has cancer, a very good friend of mine has been taken off life support after suffering a stroke, my dentist keeps having issues with my crowns, they're going to charge me an extra 300 dollars, and I still have the flu.

All of this in the span of literally 4 days. Since Wednesday, I have honestly just been trying to get my feet back under me.