Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Hair and Tests tests tests


New hair on a whim. I'm digging it.

What I'm not digging is the four tests I've had since Thursday.
Quan Methods
Econ Geology
Cultural Geography
International Political Economy.

The last two i had today. The first two on Thursday. My geology test is back--94. WOOO
On a cooper test that's saying something. So I'm happy about that.

Dr. M said not to expect my Quan Methods (aka Stats) test results until Monday.
The last two I'll probably have back Thursday as well as a paper grade and another test grade for Conflict and Terror.

In the mean time I have five chapters and a whole book to read by thursday. So I'm going to be busy!!

PS I like good news and this past week has held a lot of it :)


Under-Boob said...

OH yeah baby, we're double-diggin the new doo! It rocks! and as for good news ... well I say just keep it comin (you'll do fine on the tests!) luv ya poomster!

CJ said...

Hi Yuckins' - it is Auntie Pooh here...

yup, the new do is working for me.

Hey, call yer grandma now and then. Her birthday is April 11th and as you know, the first anniversary of your grandpa's passing is on April 19th, so we are headed for some emotional months ahead...

She will be 75 this April.

So, someday when I get outta college myself, I am going to be asking you to splain the stats crap to me. I need to learn that crap and it scares me to no end...

good luck on the rest of the homeworks!