Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poom does charity

This coming week is SPRING BREAK!
I'll be working all day Monday and Tuesday, sleeping, and then waking up Wednesday to go see my crazy mother ;p <3

I'll be staying there until Saturday morning because

Sunday is the 20th Annual Houston AIDS walk and yours truly will be participating again.
Why? well I could go on a long socio-political-economic rant about why we need to halt the spread of HIV and facilitate supportive care to those infected both domestically and globally but i think the $15 billion dollars given to Africa for health care from Dubbya might attest to the importance.

Anyway, I've set my standards high, $1,500 this year. I've reached 982.
The walk is in a week.
So if you are so inclined--consider sponsoring me here:

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