Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weird month

It's been a weird month!!

My iPod has decided to stop working...which is driving me crazy because they're kind of expensive...
I need a new one, I'd like the iPod touch as it has wifi ability and so i'd be able to get online anywhere--which is helpful when profs decide to cancel class and send out an email five mins before class starts.
The iPod touch is around $200.
I have 65 in savings right now, just random savings, not for anything in particular.

I was thinking I'd need that for the move to get some a trashcan.
I probably will, until then I'll be funneling the rest of my paychecks into my savings. I have 100 to last me a week before my next pay check. when that hit's i'll be taking the remainder and putting it in the account.

speaking of the move--ugh it's going to suck. I'm packing a lot of things, tossing a lot of things, and am worried about not having enough space. Nathan keeps telling me that it's going to be fine but uh...he's never had to move things himself before. I don't think he's even actually ever packed up before.

I've done it a few times, at least part of it, but I've never done like the full thing except when I moved here.
But when I moved here I didn't have to set up furniture or move things out of a second story storage unit, or set up utilities, etc...i don't think he's even thought about that or about simple things like forwarding your post.

he'll learn, if only in a crash course.

on a happier note--my grades for this semester and out of five classes i have five A's.
Yep, 4.0 semester.
:) Happy about that.

Also--Star Trek was awesome, X-men was meh.
anyway, that's what's up with me.
Summer is here and so i'm going to work like there is no tomorrow, get ready for the GRE, take the GRE and hopefully sleep at some time.


Under-Boob said...

SO PROUD of my POOM! Will talk to smoopy and help with $ as much as we can ... gotta go see the pee doc! love you!


Ali said...

tell me how the doc works out!

i /wish/ i could get in there early and tell you what kind of washer dryer hook ups we are going to have :(