Thursday, April 16, 2009


So i've posted this elsewhere but for the family:

Some of you may know that since November, I've been working on getting my university to offer free HIV testing during class time (Kin 215--a mandatory class for all SHSU students) in order to remove all excuses to not get tested. I want them to have to say to themselves: I don't want to know. and not be able to rationalize it with: oh i'll get around to it when I have time.

Why? Early detection and early treatment mean several things, not the least of which being a longer and higher quality of life.
1/3 of all Houstonians diagnosed with HIV are also diagnosed with AIDS, meaning they wait until they're already sick to be tested.
No good, right?
No only for their health, but the health of those they have been romantically involved with in the meantime.

The best way to stop the spread of this illness is to make sure people are aware of their status so they can take care of themselves and their loved ones.

So I gathered data, wrote a proposal, sent it in and have waited.
I just got this email from my faculty adviser (former prof):
I am happy to report that the HIV testing has been approved. We have 3 divisions involved in the effort. The Health Center , Student Life, and the Counseling Center. Sarah is working to get the AIDS Foundation of Houston to be involved in the fall. Thanks for the work you have done and your commitment to this effort.


I can't express how amazingly happy I am.
It's been a /really/ rough day but this makes it all worth while! I'm so freaking just like...WOW lol--it might REALLY happen. I might have an impact, a real impact.

PS! the walk was awesome! and pictures are included!!:

Included are my friend Alyx, Don Jensen (Radio DJ), Kelly McCann (the head of AIDS Foundation Houston), not one but TWO Miss Texas's, lots of people and of course--Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

Some of you may recognize her! lol I don't agree with her politics but she was a pretty cool lady and we talked to her a bit while she was there. She's really supportive of the foundation and that day, that's all that mattered to me! So I got my picture with her ;p

okay so it was COLD that day, like...cold.

It also decided to POUR rain on us right after we crossed the halfway point. That was fine, we all kind of looked up, laughed, and kept walking.
Alyx and I sang songs while walking with guys dressed up as Captain America, the Green Lantern, AND the Flash.
it was preeeeeeeeeeeetty funny.
I was soaked, Alyx was soaked, we got a case of powerade each (thrown at us by the vendors! lol)
oh and lots of goodies of course, they're big on goodies.

all in all--it was a great time and awesome props to Mom and Derek for sponsoring me!

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Under-Boob said...

THANKS for the update! Glad for you all the way around ... and SO proud. Maybe next year I can go with you (but no promise to do a pic with 'miss Lee' :0) PHOTOS are great! I have to look at the Miss Texas girls flanking you and ROF and LOL that you are so stunningly more beautiful than them both put together (even as tired and wet as you were!)... and as far as the making a difference thing goes I'M SURE IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THAT FOR YOU! I believe in your drive and ability and greatness of heart to be able to change anything you set your mind to! SOMETIMES things actually DO work out if ya just hang in there. I told ya, when mommy said "you'll have days like this" she wasn't just talkin about the bad one's. Here is wishing you many more 'days like THIS one ... you deserve it! I'm glad if we were able to help it happen for ya! love you, mommy